How I work.


America is a diverse nation and the rules and guidelines of pronouncing American English can be challenging — full of exceptions, subtle changes and enhanced with local flavor. Adopting a standard American Accent involves multiple language skills. I am both a speech pathologist and a native English speaker who is fully fluent in Spanish.

I work with each of my clients to shape and reduce their accents to help improve their quality of life, increase their career and lifetime opportunities and gain the ability to communicate clearly at work and in their community.

Shayne Johnson
AccentAbility Founder

I work with my students to master:

Speech Sounds

AccentAbility’s training sessions focus on adopting new habits for the pronunciation of American English speech sounds. Clients will listen to speech sounds in isolation and in the context of words in order to discriminate between their current speech patterns and the target sound.


Professionals have their own set of vocabulary specific to daily job tasks and communication with colleagues, friends, employees, and bosses.  I will tailor our sessions to include vocabulary that is relevant to your needs and goals in order to make your training individualized.


Inflection is essential in English because the stress of both words and phrases can influence the intention or meaning of the communication. I work with clients to produce natural inflection of words, phrases and sentences.


Once the student begins to master speech sounds, vocabulary and inflection, we put it all together in sessions designed to practice, raise awareness and attain a level of comfort and CONFIDENCE when speaking with others and to groups.

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