Austin, Texas is our home, but we provide training around the world.

AccentAbility provides in-person individual and group accent reduction training in Austin and the surrounding area. Online training is available to individuals around the world via video conferencing. Whether you want to reduce your accent to communicate better with friends and colleagues or to prepare for an international speech, AccentAbility can help you meet your goals.


An accent is a beautiful thing.

An accent is simply a result of your native language influencing the pronunciation of a second, new language. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with having an accent, but it can affect your ability to communicate effectively in a variety of personal and professional situations. The goal of accent modification is not for you to “lose” your accent, rather to learn ways to practice new habits to help you improve spoken English and be better understood. The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in more than one language is a super power and you have found the right coach. My name is Shayne Johnson, the founder of AccentAbility, and I am here to help.


Learn in person, online or schedule group training for IT businesses, hospitals and NGOs, and more.


Individual training

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Group and Corporate Training

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Reduce your accent and enhance your opportunities.

Reducing your accent helps strengthen:

  • Job and Academic Interviewing

  • Public Speaking

  • Personal and Professional Presentation

  • Job Performance

  • Overall Communication Skills.